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Nothing Quite As Special

Cory Cole

They say there is nothing quite as special as the love between a mother and son, and I think that's exactly everyone could say they brought home from the Mother Son Retreat this weekend at The Swamp!

... Retreats at The Swamp are a very special time; they aren't quite as long as summer camp sessions, and that makes the time spent there very intentional and unique! There's also a very different and special set of campers; this weekend, it was mothers! (Needless to say, there probably weren't many behavioral issues among the young boys!)

Mothers and their sons travelled far and wide to come to The Swamp this weekend! They had the opportunity to spend some quality time together through s'mores and campfires, some dodgeball, laser tag, a fun day of rides on lifts and construction cranes, and all the sweet moments in between!


Jayce and Catrina riding the lift!
This was Jayce and Catrina Clement's first Mother Son Retreat, and they loved the opportunity to play games and make memories together this weekend. What Catrina took away from the retreat was her focus "to be able to know him more intimately and to build a strong spiritual relationship with Jayce."

Dennis and Darlene Bernard had lots of one-on-one time between their 5 hour drive from home to the Swamp and the sports and games they got to play together. Dennis' favorite thing about his mom is that she supports him in everything he does. "She goes to all my concerts, and then you know, she's my mom!" Darlene loves her sons creativity, and his ability to make her laugh and smile.


Just reading about the experience these mothers and sons had at The Swamp this weekend warmed my heart, and made me want to call my mom and let her know we'll be attending this retreat next year! The only thing I could think to be more special than the love between a mother and her son is spending the time appreciate and nurture that love. Thanks to the Clements and the Bernards for sharing about their experiences!

Thank you for reading! Until next week,


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