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Teen Workers at The Swamp!

Cory Cole

Happy Monday, Swamp Blog readers! Just to keep you updated, there are 61 more days until Week 1 of camp! You'll definitely be hearing more from The Swamp Blog about the awesome, jam-packed fun The Swamp has is in store for campers this summer! There are still plenty of openings for camp this summer, click here to register if you haven't already!

This week we're going to take a look at a very vital role to running camp smoothly, which are the teen workers! Every week at camp, team of high school-aged volunteers come and serve at The Swamp during camp sessions. An important virtue of camp culture is service, and the teen workers exemplify this in their time at camp, and they have fun doing it, too! Here's what Max Cole said about his experience as a teen worker:


"The first time I worked I was really reserved and didn't know anyone and the first day was uncomfortable for me. But as the week went on we all grew closer together; it felt like we formed a small family, and to this day, I'm still great friends with those people I worked with the first time. I also loved the feeling of serving other people. Being behind the scenes and being able to give back to a place that has had such an impact on my life is just a great feeling."

It's pretty cool reading about how much Max has enjoyed his experience as a teen worker, and it's not just because he's my little brother! For me personally, I feel closest to Jesus when I'm serving others, so it's really cool to see what others experience when they serve, especially high school students.I think Max definitely had fun working, but don't be mistaken! These teens work very hard throughout the week.

Their days are long and busy between cleaning up the camp, taking out trash, working the Canteen, preparing camp-wide games and activities, and whatever needs have to be met in order that camp can run smoothly. If you don't believe me, read the advice that Caroline Long offers to future teen workers:

"You're not going to hang out with campers, you're going to work. You will still have free time but your priority is to work and keep camp running smoothly. Don't forget to communicate with other workers, that's one of the biggest things on keeping the group running smoothly and for things to get done."

I can't wait to see the impact that hard workers like Max and Caroline will make this summer at camp! Thanks for sharing, guys!

... There are still some spots left this summer to come join our teen worker crew! Visit the Volunteer & Staff page to apply!

Until next week, Swamp Blog readers!


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