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Cory Cole

What's up Swamp Blog readers! Hopefully you guys have been keeping up with the daily blog posts from campers so far, because it sounds like everyone has been having an AMAZING time at camp! You can keep up with the posts by clicking here.

Anyways, I wanted to fill you guys in the exciting Week 2 we had at camp. #1 on the Top 10 for the week was having eight of our friends from Nicaragua join us for a fun-packed, spiritual week of camp. And boy, did they have a great time! They worshipped with us, they danced with us, they conquered at laser tag with us, they took on the Olympic games with us, and they dabbed with us!


It was a privilege to share with our Spanish speaking friends the culture of The Swamp. I am grateful for the opportunity I had translating for Selene and Rolando Obando, who direct camp in Managua, Nicaragua!

They came ready to learn and develop their responsibilities as camp directors, and they loved spending time with all the campers and counselors. They both emphasized to me how much this experience would impact the lives of the campers coming to camp in Nicaragua this January!
...Selene and Rolando!

The Nicaraguans felt very encouraged coming to camp! They ask that you continue praying for and supporting the camp in Nicaragua! For those of you interested in joining The Swamp Corps team to Nicaragua this January, there are still a couple of spots open! Click here to apply!

For those of you that haven't been to camp yet this summer, get ready for a week of crazy "Swinter" Olympic games, some delicious international meals, and great memories with great friends!

Until next time,


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