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Peace That Surpasses

Cory Cole

Good morning, Swamp Blog readers! I hope for all of you by now that the craziness of school starting back up has calmed down. While it is good to get back into the schedule of things, this summer was definitely one to remember and I'm sad it's over. I am very grateful for everything I was able to experience!

This summer, I had the absolute privilege to serve with the teen ministry at the Northview Church of Christ in Roswell, GA. I missed being at camp, but I loved spending time with this group of teens, and I learned a lot from being with them. Thankfully, I was still able to spend two weeks out at The Swamp and experience first-hand the theme "RACE" while I was there ( be sure to check out last week's blog post about "RACE"!) I went back home at the end of both those weeks feeling inspired and excited to really focus on Jesus and the race God has marked out for me. I also felt inspired to encourage my teens to do the same. Towards the end of the summer, I taught a lesson about how to prepare ourselves for the upcoming school year and how to achieve our spiritual goals. With the foundation of focusing on spending time with God and building relationships with one another, I challenged everybody to pick one word or one thing to really invest in this semester.


What I've decided to focus on is the word peace. As I get older, I'm coming to know myself better and better. So going into my senior year of college and preparing for life after graduation, I already know how I will naturally go about things; I'm going to stress out, get overwhelmed by the smallest tasks, become discouraged and fear for the future... I really don't want that for myself. If I have faith that God has prepared in advance for me to good things in His name, then I should have no fear for the future. If I just trust in God, the rest he gives with not only give me peace that surpasses all understanding, but it brings me closer to Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. Every now and then, I'll probably be sharing with you guys about how that's going for me or share some scriptures that have been encouraging me lately.

And I want to challenge you, Swamp Blog readers! Find one thing or one idea, or a specific spiritual goal you want to achieve. I think along the way we can all expect to learn things we weren't expecting to, and to grow closer to God.


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Thanks for reading! Until next week,


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