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Fathers and Sons

Cory Cole
"As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him."

- Psalm 103:13

I read this scripture a couple weeks ago, and it reminded me 1) of how deep and meaningful God's love is for me, and 2) how blessed I am to have been raised by such a compassionate father. My dad did something that really upset and overwhelmed me, which he later on apologized for. And then I read this scripture the next morning and felt an unexplainable feeling of gratitude for my dad. It's a bond and a relationship that is so unlike any other.


I'm sure the men and children who attended this weekend's Father Son Retreat can attest to that feeling! The Swamp hosted a group of fathers and sons who were looking to take a step away from life and enjoy their special relationships. Their weekend was full of manly bonding activities, spear-making, ultimate frisbee, great food, and quality time!

For Cameron Tanner and his dad, this weekend was a time of great conversation and fun! Cameron's favorite part about the weekend was spending time with his dad:

"The car ride was great, it was a lot of anticipation and the opportunity to get hyped for the weekend. We also LOVE ultimate frisbee!"

There were many first timers at this retreat, but Cameron and his dad were a couple of many veterans to the Father Son, and there's a reason why! This is why Cameron's dad finds it important to attend the weekend retreat:

"The opportunity to connect and be open and vulnerable, to share on a heart level. Doing that with a 19-year-old son isn't normal in this world. We need constant reminders of God's love and grace, not only for us, but so we can have that love and grace for our children."

Nino Chiappetta and his son Nick also understand the importance of this weekend retreat. Here's what Nino had to say:

"It's an important tradition, it helps us connect with God and with each other and get away from the worries of this world. Nick is a generous boy, he's a giver."

Nick's favorite thing about his dad is that "he's nice and he loves God!" His favorite part of the retreat was spending time with his dad:

"We went out into the forest and threw our spear. We saw a deer and 3 armadillos and a porcupine."
Thanks to the Tanners and Chiapettas for sharing! It's safe to say that there were many takeaways for these loving fathers and their sons. The lessons from the retreat were focused on being a warrior for God and teaching their children to do so also, which is incredible because we need that kind of encouragement in today's world!


As Thanksgiving approaches, I've reflected a lot on what I'm grateful for, and its mostly the relationships that I have in my life. At the end of the day, that's what matters the most to me. And today, I'm especially grateful for the relationship I have with my father! Thanks for reading! Until next week,


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