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H@TS & Nicaragua: Kicking Off the New Year!

Cory Cole

In just two short weeks, Swamp Blog readers, the New Year will be upon us! And what better way for your middle schoolers and high schoolers to kick off 2017 than spending it with their friends and peers all over the Southeast at the best place in the world, Camp Swamp!

Coming up on its 6th retreat, Holidays At The Swamp is always a time of fun fellowship for campers, full of classic camp activities, an epic end-of-the-year dance party, and a spectacular firework show! The dates for the retreat are December 30th through January 2nd, the perfect end to the Winter Break before the kids go back to school! There are still some open beds, so click here to register today!

While everybody is heading out to Camp Swamp to celebrate the New Year, our Swamp Corps group will be setting out for Nicaragua as we prepare for the second year of camp training! I don't know whose more excited, us or these bright-hearted niños awaiting their second year of summer camp!

For those of you who haven't heard of the various Swamp Corps trips over the past 6 years, Swamp Corps is invited by countries far and wide to plant, train and help build camp culture for children in those countries! A group of American camp directors, medical staff, counselors and campers travel to help train the camp for a consecutive three years, and in that time God works wonders. So far there has been completed training in Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, Brazil and South Africa, and now children all over the world have had the privilege to experience the joy and fun of summer camp! It also just blows my mind how uniting and bonding these trips are; the international relationships that are built between campers and counselors during these weeks at camp are so revealing of God's glory and his intention for us to share life together and grow closer to him.

I think it's safe to say that last year's week of camp in Nicaragua was incredibly successful, and the most fun week of camp I've ever been to. 2016 has been a year of adversity and hardship, but amidst the struggles, witnessing the pure joy and wholeheartedness of these kids in Nicaragua was definitely a highlight! I'm excited to start off the New Year in a place that is so dear to my heart. I'm excited to be back in Managua and seeing what challenges and joys we will have this year! Please keep our group in your prayers over the coming weeks!

Thanks for reading! As Christmas approaches, I hope that you all take the time this week to remember what the holiday season is truly about. It's easy to get caught up in the busyness of shopping and travel arrangements and the like, but take the time to reflect on the joy and the blessing we have in our lives. Let us remember the importance of family and making memories, but also the beauty and love in the life of Jesus.

Until next week,


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