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A New Year Begins

Cory Cole



2017 is finally here! What a privilege it has been to celebrate and ring in the New Year here in beautiful Nicaragua! We had a delicious dinner, a classic camp dance party, a breaking of a 2016-decorated piñata and an exciting firework show!

Today is the full first day of camp here, and it's off to a great start! But this week's blog we have the honor of having Alanis Espinosa tell us a little bit about how our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters spent last week preparing for Year 2 of camp!

Hola desde Nicaragua!


The work that God has done within this country this past year is astounding. Year 1 of Swamp Corps Nicaragua, as many of you have heard, was incredibly successful and had a profound impact on those from Central America and the USA. Part of this profound impact is displayed in the fact that roughly half of the group from year 1 has returned for year 2 AND this year's trip is the first time in Swamp Corps history that the returning group has increased! All glory be to our God!


The Nicaraguan workers, counselors, and a few campers for the upcoming camp went to the new campsite to tour and clean for the group's arrival. The Nicaraguans have displayed quite the amount of ecstatic emotions in anticipation for year 2 of their camp. It has been so encouraging to witness the love and dedication they have all poured so selflessly into the camp and friendships with us. We are all excited for what is to come and to God be the glory!

Stay tuned for pictures and blogs!

All the love,

Alanis Espinosa

Keep us and Nicaragua Camp in your prayers this week! The campers and counselors here are incredibly excited for another year of camp, stay tuned to hear about their stories and adventures this week!

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