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10 Words For Swamp Camp Nicaragua 2017

Cory Cole





These are the words that campers, counselors, and directors have used to describe their experiences at Swamp Corps Nicaragua 2017, and still these words can't fully encompass how great the week was! There was endless laughter and fun as cabins took on games of hockey and bubble soccer, an incredibly encouraging and faith-building starlight devotional, history-making games of Ninja, newly blossomed friendships, brilliant and God-breathed sunsets and the most delicious food Central America had to offer! The 6-day camp session was definitely one for the books.


I think my favorite part about returning to Managua for camp in Nicaragua was reconnecting with the beautiful friends that we made at last year's camp. For me, connecting with Jesus is connecting with people; so many of my experiences of Jesus involve serving with others, as well as witnessing the joy of children. To be able to return to Nicaragua and pick up where those friendships left off was truly incredible. Last year, the highlight of camp was witnessing true joy of the Central American campers. Watching them experience camp for the first time ever encouraged my soul more than they knew. But for some reason, I was afraid some of the younger campers wouldn't remember me after a year's time.

So you can imagine my excitement on the first day of camp when I saw the biggest of smiles as they called out my name and ran up to me for a hug. Moments like these made this year's camp feel like no time had passed since last year's. It's like we picked up right where we left off!

In Romans 5, Paul writes that hope is an end result of perseverance through our suffering, and that this hope isn't a matter of shame, but a demonstration of God's love in our hearts. In a time in my life where the concept of hope has become hard to grasp and believe, camp in Nicaragua has reminded me of the power in hope. Meeting campers, volunteers and counselors from all over Central America and spending a week together for the purpose of camp and of knowing God inspired me in a way I can't completely describe. So the word I would contribute to the list of words that describe camp in Nicaragua this year is hopeful. I thank God for the opportunity to be able to return, and that he revealed himself in his mysterious, yet beautiful ways.


Our time in Nicaragua gives me excitement and anticipation for what's in store for this year's summer camp at Camp Swamp! Starting in February, registration for summer camp will be open, so keep an eye out to reserve your spots for this summer!

Thanks for reading! God truly answered your prayers for camp in Nicaragua, and the impact of your faith will last for generations to come in Central America! We can't wait for Swamp Camp Nicaragua 2018!

Until next week,


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