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"The Silversmith"

Cory Cole


"He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver..."


I think it'd be safe to assume that we've all had some hard times in life. Whether it's suffering from an illness, losing a loved one, dealing with stress from work or school, or even just having a bad day, we've all hit walls before. And we sometimes can't help but ask God "Why? Why would you allow bad things to happen to us?" Although I try not to ask this question too much, it's a natural reaction to the trials and tribulations of life.


But I recently watched a video that really put a clear and eye-opening visual to this scripture in Malachi, where God is compared to a refiner of silver. In the video, a conversation between a woman and a silversmith reveals the process behind purifying and refining silver, how a refiner must constantly keep an intent eye on the refining work, otherwise risking injury to the silver. When asked how he knew when the process was finished, the silversmith says "Oh, that's quite simple; when I can see my own image in the silver, the process is complete."


Perspective is a powerful factor in how we deal with suffering. To view our suffering from God's perspective (refining us to be something beautiful) goes a long way; it gives us a peace that doesn't necessarily fix our situations or speed up the process, but that reminds us that God is with us and that he won't give us more than we can handle. It's a comforting peace, knowing that going through the furnace leaves us not only purified and smoother, but also reflective of God and his image.

I'm usually the guy that would hear a metaphor like this, think it's cool, but kind of unrealistic. It's much easier to complain about things and allow suffering to get the best of me. But what I've learned in the past couple of weeks is that it doesn't necessarily have to work that way. Though I can't always change my circumstances, I can decide my attitude and how I'm going to take on the day. In doing so, we can eliminate the desire to ask "Why?", and are fueled to find out what God intends for us to be.

What defines a good day and a bad day to you? It very well could be the perspective YOU decide to have today.

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