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Cory Cole


Hello Swamp Blog readers! In just 40 days, Camp Swamp will be kicking off their 25th summer with the amazing three-day Family Camp, followed by seven incredible and fun-filled weeks of camp! Click here to register for your weeks of camp if you haven't already, and get ready for the summer of a lifetime!

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This week, we are discussing one of the most essential values of Camp Swamp, YHWH. The Great "I AM". He is constant, and he is eternal. He is in everything because he created everything. Two summers ago, the theme for summer camp was REAL. Every week we discussed how God is real to each of us. I know for me it was en eye-opening theme for the summer and I learned a lot, but that wasn't done through just through the words of the amazing lessons and devotionals. It wasn't about shoving religion into people's minds. It wasn't by anybody's deeds or abilities that God became real.


God reveals himself to us through his beautiful creations in nature. He shows us the power of his love through godly relationships. He reveals truth to us through His Word and through the Spirit. And that is one of the most essential understandings in the Camp Swamp culture. Everything we do at camp reflects this value. That's why we pray before every meal. That's why we spend every Wednesday morning worshipping His name in our singing devotionals. That's why we do all the camp-wide activities that teach us to work with our cabinmates. All of that allows us to see God in the things we do. He reveals himself to us, and it's through this process that he becomes real to us.


For the past 24 summers, God has moved and worked in the hearts of kids and teens in over 1,000 different families at Camp Swamp, and it's because the culture of spirituality, the reality of YHWH that it continues to do so today! In case you haven't heard, this fall Camp Swamp will be celebrating it's quarter-century anniversary with a party! If you'd like to find out more info, click here and RSVP today!

Thanks for reading! Also, something very exciting is coming to Camp Swamp! As you can see, there's a long line of people waiting to find out. Do you know what it is? Comment below if you think you know!

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