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Cory Cole

Hello Swamp Blog readers! I hope you all found last week's blog to be helpful as you all prepare to head off to camp in just two weeks! By this time next week, this summer's full-time staff will be getting their hands dirty doing some last minute preparations before Family Camp! We will have the pleasure of getting to know a little bit about this year's full-time counselors and workers in next week's blog!


That being said, after a year and seven months of writing the Swamp Blog, this is my last "official" blog post! After this summer, I'll be passing the baton onto Julie Fields, click here to read the blog she wrote some months back! It has truly been a blessing and an amazing opportunity to serve Camp Swamp in this way, and so I thought I'd just share some final thoughts with guys!


As a kid, I didn't grow up going to Camp Swamp every year like some of my peers; I attended a total of three weeks as a camper between the ages of 8 and 18. So really my experience with camp came mostly from being a counselor and joining Swamp Corps trips for the past three years. To serve camp as a counselor (and occasionally a translator!) has brought me closer to God in ways that I wasn't expecting. In fact, to be a member of the full-time staff back in 2015 was an unexpected answer to a very desperate prayer. I'm grateful for the patience, confidence and trust that God has taught me through Camp Swamp in these past three years.

In the back of my mind, however, I've always felt I missed out just a little bit by not camping as much as a child. But it doesn't upset me very much, 1.) because it has made my experience a little bit unique and it's made me all the more grateful for the time I've had at Camp Swamp, and 2.) writing the Swamp Blog in the past 19 months has helped fill that camper void!


Before every week of counseling, Mr. Jeff always explains the importance of the various roles at camp. And while every role is essential and important, he always reminds us that without campers, there is no camp! Obviously, you see that as counselor every week. But reaching out to you Swamp Blog readers, interviewing campers, scrolling through the archive of camp photos has given me so much insight on what camp means for campers. God has truly blessed children and families all over Georgia, all over the Southeast and all over the world with a culture like Camp Swamp's! I am blessed to even have the opportunity to contribute to that!


I can't thank you enough for taking the time to read my blog posts over the past year and a half, and I can't wait to see how God will use Julie next year as she shares her insights with you all in the Swamp Community! Even though summer is just around the corner, it isn't too late to sign up for your week of camp if you haven't already! Click here to register!

Until next week, for the final time,


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