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A Word From Jesse and Ashley

Cory Cole

Swamp Blog readers, we are only ONE MONTH AWAY from Week 1 of camp! Start praying now for no snakes and no breaks!

This week we're going to learn about two vital roles of the camp staff, the Head Boy and Head Girl Counselors. These two counselors work directly with the camp director in order to make sure camp is run smoothly on the counselor side of things. In addition to their usual counselor duties, they are kind of like the director's eyes and ears around camp! It definitely requires a deal of responsibility, leadership, and interpersonal communication skills! This summer the Head Boy and Girl Counselors will be Jesse McKay and Ashley Bowman, and today we have the pleasure of hearing from them!


Both Jesse and Ashley have spent a number of summers on the full-time staff at The Swamp, and between the two they have travelled with Swamp Corps to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Brazil, India, and Nicaragua! So they are more than qualified and extremely excited to spend the summer as Head Boy and Girl. Read as they reflect on The Swamp and what they look forward to this summer!


"When I talk about camp, I don’t know where to begin to describe camp. I tell people there is nothing like it. The amount of emotions that flood me when I think of this place is sometimes overwhelming! That’s because camp is where I see God’s kingdom the most. It is the closest thing to heaven I’ve experienced while on earth! God has blessed camp. He has given it a unique atmosphere that is full of love and where He reveals Himself. People feel loved at camp for being themselves. They have the freedom to be whoever God created them to be. And while we do have great Bible classes, God does not limit Himself to just that time.

Not only does he reveal Himself through His Word, but through the fun, through the love of others. He shows Himself through the relationships made with the people there, no matter their role: campers, counselors, kitchen workers, on and on. Through the stars and the trees, through smiles and laughter. God works at camp."


"Camp is one of the dearest places to me. I honestly cannot begin to describe a fraction of what I feel when I talk about camp. The thing that I love the most about The Swamp is that it is a safe place. Campers and counselors came come and be anything that they want to be without question from anyone. It brings me so much joy to watch campers grow throughout the week. In previous summers I have seen campers who are super quiet in the beginning of the week dancing on the chairs and in front on the camp by the end of the week. Camp has such an influence on campers and counselors that is just so impactful. God’s power is ever-present at camp and came be seen through the love that is shown and the relationships that are being built.
Some of my favorite memories from camp are when my campers hang out into the counselor area at night and we all sit around and talk. We can be goofy and sing Disney songs at the top of our lungs or we talk about God, who he is and what he means to me and my girls. Either way God is always there fueling our relationship, love for one another and conversations.

I love camp so much and I cannot wait to see how God is going to move throughout the summer at the Swamp."

How encouraging to hear from such caring, devoted and fun people! I can't wait to see the lasting impact they'll have on camp! The Head Boy and Girl walkie talkies are in good hands this year!

Look forward to the blog in a couple of weeks where we get to meet the whole full-time staff for summer 2016!

Until next week, CORY

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