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This week has been completely life-changing for me. It would be the first week that I would come to camp while studying the bible and I was extremely excited to come with that different mindset. I thought that I would maybe feel something different and finally feel that convicting moment that would make me want to get baptized. As the week went on, I was kind of disappointed because I didn't feel that. Then, I had this incredible talk with a few of my friends about how I felt. As soon as I finished, one of my friends called me out and said that I was trying to base a very important decision on a feeling that could go away as soon as something went wrong. "Then, what will you do? Would you still turn to God?", she asked me. I was stunned. She told me how I was putting my trust in myself and my feelings instead of my love for God into my decision-making process. She said how that when we put our trust in anything other than him, He will cut it off so that you will find your way back to Him. This completely opened my eyes to a perspective that I have never explored before. It made me appreciate the theme of "Choice" so so so much more. God had a choice and He chose me, but at the time, I kept choosing myself too. Just as another friend of mine said, I had to step off of the throne and let God take His place: just where He belonged the whole time. With hearing all of the incredible lessons and engaging in these amazing talks this week, I knew that I had to step off of the throne and live my life for Him. That was the hardest, most convicting, amazing, incredible choice I could ever make and I would do it again if I could.

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Dec. 29-Jan. 1

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