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Going to camp for my seventh year in a row is a blessing that I am grateful for more and more each year. Every year I am amazed at how each lesson, each counselor I have, and each person I meet is so better than the last.

Everyone that has been part of camp always talks about and has this idea that our camp is an ideal environment, and every moment I'm hear and not in the 'outside world' I realize how true it is. For example, this morning I prayed in front of the whole camp (which is kind a lot of people actually) and I was pretty nervous and shaky, but the moment I walked up I was greeted with compliments and so much compassion it encouraged me to give all grace to God in my prayer. It wasn't a huge deal but it made me feel so genuinely good to be able to pray in the setting of so many amazing people.

Another thing I was super encouraged by is seeing Morgan Vance aka the 'dish girl' in her prime after lunch today. My cabin had dish duty and she led us so patiently and accurately, even though we probably weren't doing it perfectly and we may have sprayed a little water everywhere. Imagine having to do all those dishes all summer 3 times a day! That takes such a serving heart and its so amazing to me.

I love camp and can't wait for what these three more days have in store!!!!!!

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