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Hi! I am Zachary Sewell telling you my amazing experiences at camp. Yesterday I was in a Just Dance challenge. It was Boys 6 vs Girls 6. Although we lost, I was pretty happy because I got an an honorable mention from the Judges. After that it was free time and I had so much hanging out with my friends from church playing connect four while people laughed and played card games and had more just dancing. After Free Time we had Mail Call in the dining hall because it was storming and Mr. Jeff always wants to keep us safe. So we had Mail Call in the Dining Hall and so many happy faces were spread across as campers heard their names and got to receive a package.

The best thing though that I heard all week is that because there are so many spots open Weeks 6 & 7 that Mr. Jeff is dropping the price to $225 if you've already camped this summer! That makes me so happy knowing that I can go to camp using the money I raise instead of my parents having to pay and still spending a week at the little slice of heaven. At the end of the day I always think of how much fun I had that day and I realize that is only one of the seven days at The Swamp.

  • Zachary Sewell, 14 years old

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