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In week 6 2016, the topic is about God making your race through your future(Hebrews 12:1-3), and racism, a topic that is most talked about. This week I learn that God marking out your race is the same thing as God is planning your future, and that makes me feel encouraged, because he cares enough to plan for our future. It kind of feels like a teacher, acquaintance, a friend, etc go out of their way to care about you. On the racism part, I learned three things that Mr. Jeff has told us was those who were indifference, ignorance, and cowardliness. These are how would people would do bad things, and how to resolve. If you can help those people to not to be these three things you will be champions. In my perspective, experience is a big deal in this summer's theme, to give as a n example of God making the race for us. There are tips given to you during lessons to give you a point. The most thing that really got to me was others being indifference. In the singing devo there are songs that are fun and deep. The all week were fun, and you'll make many friends in a week.

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