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My name is Amy Carroll and I am so excited to be able to write a blog for the first time ever! This is my sixth summer here and it's been amazing! There is so much that makes this place feel like home. A big part of camp is the people. Sometimes I've struggled with feeling loved, but here you're drowned in it. I think that I would struggle so much more if The Swamp was not a part of my life.

This year's theme is The Race Marked Out For Us, which also deals with a very big problem in the world, racism. Being Asian in a very Caucasian school system puts a lot of stress on trying to be what people expect of me. There were multiple people in my school that expected me to be exceedingly smart like the few other Asians in my school, but many times I found it very hard to. However, people here are color blind, meaning that they don't look at your race or other physical qualities. Which is an attribute the world needs more of.

This year has also made me want to start studying the bible more and learning more about God's race for me. One thing that really caused me to think is that God always does things for a reason whether it's to bring your confidence up or to make you less prideful. I am so excited for my future years of camp and learning more about God!

(Center: Amy)

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