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Soy Ana Julia, y este es mi primera vez en el Campamento de Swamp en Georgia. El Swamp Camp en Nicaragua, me inspiro a venir al Swamp en Georgia. Mi semana ha sido maravillosa, me he divertido mucho, he podido hacer muchos amigos nuevos, he aprendido mucho en los devocionales y clases que nos han impartido. Estas clases me han ayudado en muchos aspectos de mi vida, he podido crecer espiritualmente, tambien he podido ver cuan grande es el amor de Dios y cuan maravilloso y poderoso es, y estoy muy agradecida con Dios porque me dio la oportunidad de venir al Swamp. La estoy pasando muy bien y se que la seguire pasando bien. Ha sido una maravillosa experiencia, y no quiero que se termine la semana!!!


My name is Ana Julia, and this is my first time at the Camp Swamp in Georgia. The Swamp in Nicaragua inspired me to come to the Swamp in Georgia. My week has been wonderful, I have enjoyed myself a lot, I have made many new friends, I have learned a lot in the devotionals and classes that the counselors and Jeff have taught us. These classes have helped me in many aspects of my life, made me grow spiritually, also they have taught me how great the love of God is and how wonderful and powerful He is. I am grateful that God gave me this opportunity to come to the Swamp. I am having a really good time and I know I will continue to have a good time. This has been a wonderful experience, and I don't want to finish the weeeeeekkkkk!!!!!!!

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Dec. 29-Jan. 1

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