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It's kind of weird being the only 18 year old camper. Especially when the camper that's closest to your age is a rising sophomore. I've really learned a lot about being an active leader this week. It's harder to be a vocal leader as a camper, but my actions can help encourage all of the other campers. I really decided to be a camper after the Ring of Honor devotional last year. There was an 18 year old high school graduate that was camping and Mr. Jeff called him to start the devotional. He encouraged him for coming back to camp one last time and talked about how camp needs more older campers to lead. At the time I was a counselor and had no intention of ever camping again, but hearing those words I realized that I wasn't special because I was older. I realized that my age didn't entitle me to anything and it also didn't make the camping experience anything less than it was when I was younger. I decided to camp this year for many reasons, mainly to lead and just to be able to make the most of the time that I have. I'll never be able to come to camp and have the experience as a camper. I'm glad I got to do it one more time, with the group of kids that are here with me this week.

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