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Hey y'all. My name is Christina Grey Fenton and I am 17 years old. I have been coming to Camp Swamp for the past ten years and now is the time I finally get to tell how my summers have been. Throughout the years, God has brought me back to this place because He knew I needed it. I am the oldest of four children in my family(which can be difficult at some times) and I have grown my relationships with my siblings here more than I have anywhere else. I discovered who they were, saw their interactions with people, but the most encouraging is seeing how the love of God through their peers here have changed their lives. The lessons at Swamp have a message for everyone to take home with them, which is also good for our family bonding. Pretty much what I am trying to get at is family is a big deal. It is not always blood family that I grow closer with every time I come to Swamp. Friendships at Swamp are the ones I love and appreciate most because they are the ones that last for the rest of our lives. The lessons at Swamp are good for our spirituality and race with God, but it is the people here who help you grow and mature in the relationship. The theme this week is "Your Race With God". My race with God has been long and difficult, but I know it will not get worse if I keep improving. One thing I remember this week is one of Cristi Tanners favorite things, an analogy. A lot of us know of the girls hill leading to the cabins, and if you do not, you are one of the lucky ones. The hill is hard and can have its ups and downs (ha... get it... cause its a hill), just like our race with God will be. At the top of the hill is God (and our cabins). Along the path, there are bugs, rocks, and other things that can stop us from reaching the top. If we can get past the tougher areas, we can get to the top of the hill. Just like our race with God, if we can get past all the things Satan throws at us and squish the bugs, we can get past them and reach the top. Why run back down the hill, when you can conquer and move on. To end the analogy, at Swamp, we always have to stay in threes. Getting up the hill without others being by your side or running your race without people there to guide and help you past the struggles will be difficult. Thanks for reading and shoutout to Matt for finally choosing me and taking my pictures!!! ;)

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