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Ohh, another blog one of my favorite parts I look forward to when I come to camp. I'm glad that I get to express my experience to those that are at home and might be seeking God in there life. This recent year has been a crazy challenge with many exciting things and many sad things. And this years theme at camp is "Your Race With God'. Like January through the end of March I wanted a deep relationship with God, I eventually started to expose what I was feeling to some of the campus leaders at my church, so knowing them they were pretty pumped to get started. For the next couple of months I felt like there was some depressing force field-ish thing that was keeping me trapped from learning and studying about God. I couldn't get a break from the things like school, video games, laziness, argumentativeness, and my own self pity. I felt trapped. Along that I also had some exciting things in my race with God, my mother got married and I got two new sisters and a step Dad, SWEET. I felt too busy and too deprived to do anything with my church family at church. I felt it was game over. It then came to my mothers mind to ask me about camp. I was like "YEAH I LOVE THE SWAMP"!!! So I came week six and I felt like the 4 years I've been here the lessons get better in better, not that the passed ones weren't already good enough. I have already gained some of the Godly senses that Ive been wanting to attend to after all of the chaos that has been trapping me. I felt that my race with God has just started and that I need to carefully think about emotions and feeling, not to let it get to me first, which I can do through praying. I hope you had a great time reading this love you all, love you Mom. Grateful to have the parents I have and the opportunity to attend camp, Bye!!

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