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With it being my first time coming to camp, as a counselor or as a camper, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit nervous...but as soon as I walked on the property and went to the first staff meeting, I immediately felt welcome! It is amazing how quickly I felt loved by my new friends around me. As soon as the meeting was over and lunch was done, it was time for me to meet my campers! As the cars started pouring in and the smiling faces of the many excited campers came around, there was an inexplainable sense of joy around camp grounds. Everyone around is just so happy to be here!! It has been a blast playing basketball, laser tag, and just being around the kids this week. They are such a joy! I'm looking forward to many more good talks, intense games of dodgeball, and we cant forget about the camp favorite, gaga ball!!!!

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Dec. 29-Jan. 1

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