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The theme at camp this summer was race, and personally I related to it a lot. This past year in my life has been an uphill climb dealing with the loss of a very loved family member, a lot of stress and anxiety, and many family issues. I have felt almost defeated and tired of it all. I wanted to escape all the mess from my home life so much I wanted to move out despite me being only 16. My thoughts and emotions were out of control they made my body and soul feel completely useless. But all of my struggles and pain began to end this summer.

My true healing began this week. In each lesson we have talked about Hebrews 12:1-3 and it discusses how we are to preserver through life, and follow God and the teachings of Jesus with our whole hearts. I began to feel content the more and more we read that scripture because I know I'm not alone and God is always guiding my steps closer to him. As the week progressed I gained so many friendships and I felt so loved and encouraged. I also began to feel beautiful and unique because we were reminded that God made us all different and we are dearly loved. But most of all I began to feel purpose again and I was reminded that I have a role to play in my family and I can conquer all my struggles because the lord is guiding me and leading me through the storm.

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