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So here is a firsthand account of my experience at The Swamp. The first day, we unloaded our stuff, and got our cabins ready. The cabin I am currently in is Boy's Cabin 3. The next thing we did was go the pavilion, where we welcomed by the staff, and were given rules. After, we headed over to the dining hall, had dinner, which was followed by dodgeball. And also, since the olympics are going on this year, we had each cabin create their own nation, with its flag and anthem. The next day we designed our flags. Wednesday we started the events, and also had some "olympic games". And today, we had more games, and more events. Now, this is my fourth year going to the swamp, and this is the first time I experienced the Swamp Olympics. In conclusion, The Swamp is a great place, we eat well, we have fun, and we learn more about God.

-Zi Burke

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