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Being at camp for most of the summer can really have an effect on you. I've been working with Mr. Erwin for most of the summer but I'm camping this week. Working at camp helps change your character and also changes the way you think about life. You get to see camp from a different perspective when you are working in the hot sun all day cutting grass and trying to fix a numerous amount of things around camp. Whenever I was camping, I never noticed all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Working with Mr. Erwin this summer has really opened up my eyes about serving and having an impact on kids from around the world. I'll never forget the night where Mr. Erwin told me something that changed my perspective about working at camp. He told me that without our hard work, there is no camp. It was in that exact moment when it really opened up my eyes to see that we serve a purpose working at camp. Without us, kids wouldn't be able to have an experience at camp that could possibly change their whole life. Without us, kids aren't able to witness God's glory and how He brings together different people from all around the world. So while I'm out in hot 95 degree weather, I constantly remind myself that even though I really don't feel like doing it at all, I still need to serve a purpose for God's glory.

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