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This is my third year at camp swamp and I love it even more then I did the first time. Camp Swamp is such a amazing camp for different ages. It changed my whole image of god. This camp has the power to transform people and make them love god and feel like god is always by their side. Everyone can take a lot of different things away from this camp that will help them away from camp and in the real world. It changed me in many different ways. I went from not being so sure God is always on my side and if he even sees me to knowing I can always talk to him and trust that he is always watching over me. Camp Swamp teaches even more things that have helped me and they helped me use things in my every day life. I can be myself in this camp and not a person will judge me. Its just a very warm feeling about this camp that makes me feel so good inside. Camp Swamp is just a perfect camp for people who want to be them and learn about God. Plus it can get me out of the house.

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Dec. 29-Jan. 1

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