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This week has definitely been surreal so far. And I can say that about all the previous years also. I've been very fortunate this week to be able to reconnect with some very dear friends that are so willing to share experiences and advice. And it also seems that it always ends up being the case here at the swamp. Ever since that second year there has always been a familiar face to reconnect, share nostalgia, and act like a lunatic with. And honestly whether its your first year or your ninth year, in my case, its always going to feel like theres a familiar face.

The bonds that you're able to make with your cabin is like no other. Its so easy to slip into the sense of comfortability with everyone and to truly connect with each other. The late night talks, and the early morning trudges down the hill with your swamp family are the best. The bonds are strong and last for years.

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