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Usually when I come to the swamp I go Week Four. This year I decided to go Week Five to try something different. I don't usually have a difficult time making friends but for some reason I was really nervous..probably because all of the people that I already knew went Week Four. I got to camp and immediately, my anxiety was gone. I was greeted by people who didn't even know me. With the people I did know it seemed like our conversations from last summer picked up where they left off.

I realized that any week at The Swamp that I went to would be a good week because people here go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and welcome. Each year I come to The Swamp I'm amazed at the amount of love that is shown to everyone. It's not even the end of the week and I am already looking forward to next summer!
  • Tayler Reed, 16 years old

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