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Cory Cole

Olá (Portuguese for "hello")! And Happy Labor Day!

At the end of July, our Swamp Corps team headed to Brazil, but not for the Olympics! This was the third and final year Swamp Corps would be helping run camp in Brazil. From here on out, Brazilian camp directors Samuel and Shirley will be leading and directing camp with full reigns. But our team had a great time as they joined the Brazilians for a five-day long camp session!
Camp in Brazil hosted with the same Olympic theme as camp from this summer, "RACE," and the campers loved it! This week we get to hear about Letícia Rodrigues' experience at camp this summer:

...Letícia, age 14
Camp gave me hope that heaven really exists; that it is possible to be the purest version of yourself; that there are many people that accept you the way you are; that you're not alone (besides our Amazing God), you make friends there that you are going to take with for the rest of of your life.
It's amazing how different and yet how similar we are. That had impacted me a lot, getting to know that my fight is the same as someone else's. Getting to know that the next generation isn't lost. Getting to know that you can have fun, you can get emotional, you can get to know yourself at that piece of the Kingdom. I'm forever grateful for those who make camp possible, you're responsible for our hope.

I don't know about you guys, but I find it so encouraging and faith-building to see Swamp Corps dreams being fulfilled. Thanks for sharing your experience Letícia. It is so incredible to see how God has worked throughout the years and in the lives of children all over the world! Definitely continue praying for Swamp Corps and all their endeavors this upcoming year!


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