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This week was so amazing, I got to meet some pretty cool people. This week I got to share my story with all the guys and I believe that I should share it with whoever wants to hear my story. As a kid I was abused by many family members and at the age 7 I got to put in DFCS. I was so embarrassed that I started separating myself away from kids in school and at recess I ran the whole time. When I turned 10 I got my rights taken away from my mom and I found my heart starting to break. I needed something greater in my life, a person out of this world that I can love. I needed a father. I needed God. When I was 10, I asked god that he would let me see my mom and get to connect with her before I was 18. I think God has a sense of humor because on my 17th birthday I got to see my mom and now we are starting overnight visits. He literally answered my prayer that I prayed when I was 10. Being here at Swamp helped me to meet really cool people that I can have a relationship out in the world. If you get the chance to go to Swamp, come and make friends and learn about god and fill that whole in your heart, the love that you are missing and become a disciple of God.

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