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God's Most Beautiful Gifts

Cory Cole


"Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones."

- PROVERBS 16:24

Words that are full of grace and abounding in love are the kind of words that God intended for us to share with one another. And this weekend at Camp Swamp, dads and daughters from all over the Southeast had the chance to put this into practice!

This year's annual Daddy Daughter Retreat was a weekend full of quality time, encouraging words and the sweetest fun only a daughter and her dad can have! Between s'mores-roasting fireside chats, epic Just Dance competitions, go-carting and dinner & dancing, God reminded these dads one of the most special relationships in their life.


For first-time Swampers Stanton and Steffanii, the retreat was a time of bonding and strengthening for their relationship. Steffanii loved spending time with her dad, riding go-karts and encouraging Stanton with words:

"My favorite thing about my daughter Steffanii is her willingness to love other people and her genuine concern for those around her. This trip has inspired me to love her intentionally, make time, and to use my words to strengthen her daily!"

What makes the Daddy Daughter Retreat so unique and special for these dads and their daughters is that it's so much more than the fun camp activities; one day they'll look back on this weekend and the games played, the laughter they shared and the good conversations. It's weekends like these that allow parents and their children to make the most lasting and special memories. Jason and his daughter Clara treasure these times for what they are:


"This is our second retreat. After last year, my daughter enjoyed it so much, she kept asking about the next one. My favorite part was getting to know other dads and sharing stories. My daughters favorite part was the crazy go-carts. The retreat has helped to foster a special bond between us!"

These dads and their daughters will take home the encouraging words and the special moments they shared as reminders for one of God's most beautiful gifts to us: relationships. God reveals himself not only through his Word and his breath-taking creations, but also through the love and grace we have with each other here on earth. And as far the dads and their daughters that were able to attend, there is no better example of this.


Thanks for reading! And a special thanks to Jason and Stanton for sharing their experiences with their daughters with us! Our next upcoming Camp Swamp event is Family Camp, and then summer camp will be in full swing! It's not too late to sign up for your weeks at camp! Be sure to click here to register!

Also be sure to check out Camp Swamp's fundraising campaign to buy new mattresses for the cabins. To find out more about our mission to help YOU sleep better at camp, click here to read more and donate today!

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