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We are just 9 WEEKS AWAY from Week 1 of Camp Swamp! I don't know about you guys, but the anticipation is getting real for me! If you still need to register for your camp session, click here to sign up, there are still availabilities for all camp sessions!

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Do you guys ever have those weeks where life just bogs you down with busyness, stress and responsibilities, and you barely even have time to just think? I know for me when I get overwhelmed on days like that, it's so much easier to retreat to mindless distractions: binge-watching Netflix shows, sleeping, scrolling through social media, etc... But relying on these things to destress and clear my head eventually (and quickly) becomes mundane and unfulfilling. So rather than retreating to worldly escapes, I've been trying to look for ways to reflect and gain some godly insight and inspiration on a daily basis.

Everybody has their own way of connecting to God, everybody is different in how they reflect on the things they're going through. Whether its spending time in nature, journaling, or listening to music, we can all find healthy and spiritual ways to step back from our busy lives to just breathe.

For some people it might be taking a drive somewhere, or hiking, or even visiting an art gallery! What I find so incredible about God is that He can be found everywhere and in everything. There is no one way to connect with him, He surrounds us with his grace and beauty in order to enable us, to remind us of his love, to strengthen us and inspire us.


One of the most inspirational times for me out at Camp Swamp is the Wednesday night Starlight Devotional. No matter how many times I've laid out on the camp fields underneath the vast and open sky, I get something new out of it every time. It doesn't matter how many times I've heard the devotional or the scriptures that are read, reflecting as we stare up at the night sky stirs my heart every time. Even on the super cloudy nights when we can't see the stars, I still am in awe of God's creation, how small we are and how great He is. It's just such a beautiful time where I can forget about the minute and insignificant troubles of this world and just witness the glory of God.

I encourage all you Swamp Blog readers to find those moments every day with God. Take time to reflect and think, to focus on things outside of life's worries. I think what you'll find is the inspiration and strength you need in order to live this life wholeheartedly, without fear and regret, but with God in our hearts and on our minds.


Thanks for reading! Quick reminder for all you dads reading this, if you're looking to spending some time with your favorite princess in the whole world, click here to register for upcoming Daddy Daughter Retreat at the end of this month! Register today!

Until next week,


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