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Diversity, A Cultural Tapestry

Cory Cole

"For the body is not one member, but many." - 1 Corinthians 12:14


One reason that I'm grateful for the time period I live in is that I grew up knowing that diversity was something to be celebrated, that being unique and being my own person was a good thing! I mean, there will always be a feeling of wanting to fit in and do what others are doing, but I feel like today we are also constantly reminded that diversity is something to be embraced! And that's something that The Swamp has always strived for! Everybody is valued for who they are. Everybody's various talents, hobbies, interests, backgrounds and life experiences contribute to a cultural tapestry at The Swamp!

We can see that in the full-time staff; there's always a mix of personalities among counselors. You have the crazy, outgoing and awesome counselors that will always be down for a lunchtime dance party. You have the counselors that are ready to throw the frisbee, shoot some hoops, or get a fun game of soccer going! You also have the counselors who are more than willing to play a chill game of cards, chill in the rocking chairs or have some jam sessions. This is so important because there is such a diverse range of campers that come every summer, and all of their interests, hobbies and quirks should be celebrated!

Even more so, in the past 6 years, more and more culture has been woven into The Swamp's cultural tapestry through Swamp Corps' trips!

Now having travelled to Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, South Africa, Brazil, India, Zimbabwe and Nicaragua, more and more campers and counselors from all over the world visit every summer, sharing a piece of their culture and taking a piece of ours!It's incredible to see how God has worked in that way; it just shows even more how His Kingdom is one of diversity, of many people of different colors and cultures!


Thanks for reading guys! Until next week,


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