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Greetings from the other side! I'm Ellis Distin, from North River church of Christ. It's my fifth year and counting, and it's been really great getting back to the little peace of heaven we all know! I missed this place, it's actually my first week being out here this summer and I'm so happy I'm here! Mr.Jeff's lessons have me in aw-struck, they've actually ironically related to what I've been struggling with lately. He really get's my mind thinking in positive ways. We've looked at two examples, being Proverbs and a physical example Mr.Jeff set out involving three chairs.

I didn't even realize if you dissect Pro and Verbs, well verbs are actions and now even reading some of Proverbs, it's a book literally written to help redirect and teach you about "pro" or difficult actions that we deal with. It really also helps me to see how little I actually have connected with God and what I need to work on, a huge open to my eyes moment!

So, Mr.Jeff had these three chairs, one representing, lordship, somewhat caught in the middle between lordship and Worldliness. Iv'e been very caught in the middle, and i'll admit that I've been gliding around wordiness. He laid it all out for us, he spoke about what's the total christian aspect of things, and what really sin is. He explained it professionally but also as if we were just introduced to what lordship is. It's helped start things over and reevaluate my relationship with God

I think in the past I go home from camp with a lot of new friends and great connections with people, but nothing really real with God.

So, that's what I've pulled away so far from this week, bye till next time!

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