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Four Tips for Keeping Your Perspective in Check

Cory Cole

Happy Monday Swamp Blog readers, and happy Halloween!

I just wanted to give a shout out to Julie Fields for writing the blog last week! I love getting to hear the perspectives of others and what they are learning about, so it was great having her share about Psalm 139 last week!

Speaking of different perspectives, that's what I'd like to share with you all this week. To be completely honest and real with you, I've had a hard time lately keeping God in my perspective of things. In the craziness of life in the past couple weeks, I just haven't been seeing things from a godly perspective. It's been really easy for me to see some of the things in my life as burdensome when I could be enjoying them and seeing them as opportunities! When it comes down to it though, I think the real issue is not finding rest for my mind and soul between all the craziness. So that's what I've been trying to gain control of recently, and I'm sure some of you can relate. Below I've created a list of things that have been helping me keep a godly perspective of things, a good attitude, and rest for my soul!

1. Make a list of things you are grateful for
Practicing pure gratitude can go a long way in our daily walks! Especially if I'm reflecting on things like school and work, because even though those are my most prevalent stresses, I'm very grateful for the opportunity I have for an education at an amazing university (Go Dawgs!) and a job that it really teaching me a lot about the photojournalism industry.


Two suggestions for practicing gratitude: first, when you wake up every morning take some time to reflect on what you feel thankful for and that could start your day off with a grateful heart (or end your day like that before you go to bed!); second, write down on a piece of paper what you're grateful for and put it someplace you see it everyday. Add to it everyday! And then you're constantly reminded of what you're grateful for!

2. Talk to people
It's really important that you have people in your life that you can talk to during the week, and that these people will listen to you if you're feeling overwhelmed or having a hard time! As talkative as I am, this one is actually difficult for me. And if you're like me, bottling up feelings and thoughts without having a way of letting them out can be really destructive, and gives you a negative perspective on everyday things. And it's okay if talking to people isn't always your thing, maybe after journaling or taking a walk or spending some time thinking alone, you can try talking to someone just to have some sort of accountability!


3. Prayer
Prayer will never not be a solution to any problem I have. I wholeheartedly believe in wholehearted prayer. There have been times where I'll feel REALLY upset about something and I start praying about it and I can actually feel my perspective changing as I speak to God. It's crazy how powerful prayer is. Also, I suggest you practice praying for others. Just praying for yourself limits the power of prayer. But praying for others definitely changes your perspective; you will begin thinking about those you're praying for throughout your week and you actually get closer to that person just praying for them, that's pretty crazy!

4. Have things to look forward to during your week
Whether it's a special meal, watching your favorite movie, setting out a specific time one day to have a long quiet time with God, or planning adventures with your friends, have something to look forward to during the week! I think those times will be very uplifting and encouraging especially during those really rough weeks.

Thanks for reading guys! I hope something on my list will help you keep your perspective in check or give you rest through your busy lives!

Until next time,


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