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Fun Only a Mother and Son Could Have!

Cory Cole

Fresh spring air, s'mores by the fireside, and ziplining across the camp grounds. Sounds to me like the perfect recipe for a Mother and Son Retreat! For four years now, Camp Swamp has hosted an annual weekend retreat for mothers and their sons of all ages from all over the Southeast. Spending three days together at the most special place on the planet, these families enjoyed some fun that only a mother and son could have!

"You can't do this anywhere else," says Lauren Arnett. "It's such a special time here. The memories you create and build on here are so influential."

And its those special memories that make these retreats so important, because you get to take them home with you! Lauren and her son Carlos enjoyed their quality time this weekend, ziplining and playing games together! And after this retreat she hopes that back at home, her and Carlos can incorporate more fun into their relationship! What Carlos learned about his mom this weekend is that "she's really nice (because she bought me something at the canteen)."


For Remey Caraballo and her son Cameron, they were able to take away the importance of doing things together. This weekend, they played ping pong as well as roasted s'mores and took on some camp dodgeball! It was definitely a time worth spending. Remey offers this advice for moms and sons who weren't able to attend the retreat: "Try to make it a priority. Even though I have work, it's still a priority to spend time with my son because that time is limited."


The time we have on this Earth doesn't wait for us, life goes by so much faster than we think! Take the time to enjoy every moment you have with loved ones. Especially parents and their young kids, I think we can all agree that it's the memories you make now that are what you'll hold with you forever! Whether it's bob sled racing, playing board games, or just having heart-to-heart conversations, investing in quality time is worth more than you can imagine! It's so encouraging to hear the insights and lessons these moms and their sons gained in their time together at Camp Swamp.


Thanks for reading! Next month during the weekend of April 28-30, Camp Swamp will be hosting the Daddy Daughter Retreat! To join in on the fun, click here to register!

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