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Cory Cole


Since its inception over 25 years, the culture of Camp Swamp has imprinted on the hearts of over 1,000+ families all over the country and all over the world. The lasting legacy of fun, love, and safety is what keeps everyone coming back. And it's truly incredible to see this legacy and its values be passed down from generation to generation!

This week, we have the pleasure of hearing from a family that has been so integral in the Camp Swamp tapestry over the years. The Harrisons have been committed attendants to camp sessions and retreats since Camp Swamp's early years. In fact, Joy Harrison was one of the first counselors in camp history! And now, as a wife and mother of three, she returns every summer for a couple weeks to volunteer as one of the camp nurses!

Joy, so much has changed in the world since Camp Swamp first opened, and so much about camp is different. But being able to watch it grow over time, what is something that has remained constant about Camp Swamp?

"Camp has always been a place to 'throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles'. It has always been a place to be renewed and inspired. It continues to help deepen your relationship with God. New friendships are started and old ones are strengthened. FUN has always been a huge part of camp - games, dodge ball, shaving cream fights, and so much more. I am incredibly grateful for every moment I get to spend at camp and the moments my kids get to be at camp."


Thanks for sharing, Joy! It's truly amazing to hear how much her children enjoy and understand the importance of camp as well. 11-year-old Colin has fully enjoyed his first two summers at camp:

"My favorite things about Camp Swamp in the past few years have been the activities, the food, the counselors, and finally the friendships and getting to make new ones and getting to keep the other ones.

Now that Colin is of camp age, the entire family has the privilege of experiencing camp together as a family! 17-year-old Emma is now an experienced camper at camp, and this is what she shares about the impact it has had on the family:

The Swamp has had a great impact on our family. It has taught us lessons from a young age that enabled us to become closer and learn how to have better relationships with each other, along with learning how to act in more righteous ways. One lesson I will always remember is the one where Mrs. Carolyn said that who you are at home is who you really are. Camp has also impacted our family as a whole because of the amazing shared experiences we have!

Her 14-year-old sister, Reagan, shares one of the most special things about experiencing camp with her parents and siblings:

"One of my favorite moments is when we are all in the car on the way home and we tell all of the great stories we have. I enjoy that time because we are having fun and reflecting on the week together as a family. Camp Swamp has had a huge impact on all of us and because of this amazing place we have been able to grow closer to each other through God."

Their father, Tipton, is the perfect example of a father who not only understands the importance of sending his kids to camp, but also finds importance in being a part of the experience himself:

"I have enjoyed volunteering as a kitchen worker more than I ever thought I would. It is so rewarding to participate in something so vital to the camp's success - good food!- and to do so with such amazing people. The Swamp is a great place for our children to come see God up close, but it is JUST as awesome for the volunteers to leave their world behind for a while and to give of themselves for hours a day, all week. It's an honor and one that I hope to continue as long as possible."

Thank you so much to the Harrison family for sharing their thoughts and experiences at Camp Swamp. It's clear that their years spent at camp have taught them a few lessons along the way. And I don't know about you, but hearing them talk about their experiences at camp has me really looking forward to camp this summer!

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As far as the value in investing time, money, and effort into Camp Swamp, I think Emma puts it best:

"Camp Swamp's impact on my family is something that I am so grateful for because we wouldn't be the family we are today without camp!"

Thanks for reading!


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