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This year will mark the sixth year I've been at the swamp. I have loved camp! It's my home, where I can be myself. Every year I learn something new about god. Something that I will take and use when I return home. Although, I've had some great years, I think this year was the best.

I started this weak off focused. I was focused on gaining and relationship with god and seeking wisdom. I remember seeing all my best friends from previous years. The best part was I was in cabin eight. Next, I got settled and kissed my mom goodbye. I promised her I would watch out for my little sister and her friend because it was there first year. The next morning, I woke up early and ate breakfast then went right into free time where I tried nine square. For those who don't know nine square is like for square. Then we moved into are devo. I remember thinking about choice and choices I've made in the past. On Tuesday, I had quiet time in the dinning hall. I read some of the proverbs from the day earlier. Then for the night devo and had taboo Tuesday. Mr. Jeff asked what was worldliness? We answered things. But he wanted us to get deeper the than that. So we answered lust, doubt, and were able to go much deeper. Then told us about lordship and what it means to denied yourself. I was very moved by this and had many questions. So after the study I stayed behind and told Mr. Jeff something that had gone on in my life and we talked about it. To my surprise I felt better about my self and the situation. That only been the first two day but I have to end there. Thanks so much!

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