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I came this week not knowing who would be here at all and I was just shocked at all the people I did not recognize. That really helped me realize that the swamp has such a big impact on all the young Christians as well as it has on me. It made me truly thankful for the swamp and all that it has done to create a safe environment. With that, this week I have been amazed at how close my cabin mates have gotten even though it is only Tuesday. I absolutely love the girl's cabin that I am in because not only are the counselors a fun and respectful role model, but the girls in my cabin are also very open and inviting to all. I remember Sunday night all the girls were on the counselor's bed just casually talking as if we had known each other. I was amazed at how we all got along together easily and it hit me that only God can do something like this. Only God can bring total strangers together in perfect harmony. I am truly blessed to have a camp like this that I can go to be reminded of God's power.

(Hannah: Center)

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Dec. 29-Jan. 1

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