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Introducing The Swamp's New Photographer!

Cory Cole

Now I hope you guys appreciate all of the photography that I include in the blog posts as much as I do. We can thank the amazing Ali Lynn for all her hard work she did as the camp photographer for the past three summers. She has captured some really special moments over the years that we can share as members of The Swamp community, and that has played such a vital role at camp.

But this summer, Ali will be passing the DSLR and lens over to Matt Long! This week, we're going to get to know Matt a little and his plans for The Swamp this summer. Of course Ali will still be there in spirit; thankfully, she didn't leave Matt in the dust without some photographer advice.
"Ali gave me some great advice about really looking for a picture. Not just press a button, but in a sense, look for an opportunity that deserves to be seen."

Matt was a frequent camper at The Swamp growing up, every year since 9 years old. One of his most distinct and favorite memories as a camper was the diving contest at pool time. The "traditional" Swamp diving contest entries are "Biggest Splash", "Best Dive", and the infamous and most anticipated "Counselor Impression." Always very entertaining to watch. Here's why it is one of Matt's favorite memories:

"I went up there and did something really stupid, and yet, people seemed to love it. And for a moment, I felt invincible."

...Matt's big scene in one of his cabin lip syncs!

Now, many years later, Matt is ready to make an even greater impact than "Biggest Splash" at The Swamp, and not just through photographs; he will also be working on doing more video at camp as well!

"I view the media as an incredibly influencial source. I loved watching movies since I was a young lad, and that love grew into a love of making them. So in high school, I found my place in making short videos for my school TV show. Couple years after, it became my major at Georgia State University.

What I am looking most forward to as camp photographer / videographer this summer is really bringing my imagination to the table. I want to show the world how amazing The Swamp is and how it can help change lives."

I don't know about you guys, but I couldn't be more pumped to see what God will do through Matt's talent and passion for the visual arts at camp! I think there will be many special moments and memories to capture this summer at The Swamp, so we'll definitely be seeing Matt's hard work and creativity!

For those of you Swamp Blog readers who have already signed up for camp this summer, congrats! If you're coming out for Week 1... 89 MORE DAYS UNTIL CAMP! WHOO! Click here to register for camp if you haven't yet! And if you are interested or if you know someone who would be interested in being a counselor this summer, check out our Volunteer & Staff page, fill out an application today and take part in one of the coolest and most fulfilling experiences ever!

Thanks for reading! Until next week,


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