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So one day In the middle of the summer I got pretty bored at one point so I started asking " Hey Mom, could I possibly go attend some summer camp or something?" and then she started asking her friends about what summer camps are around and one of her friends told her that her son went to this summer camp called "Camp Swamp" and then my mom came to me and told me about it and said that her friends had been to this place called Camp Swamp and also told me that he really loved going there and enjoyed everything about it. So after the hours of thinking about this particular camp that stood among the others I looked at and I just got curious and looked up the website and watched the whole video about this camp and just hearing the people that shared their thoughts about the camp, like they said that they felt like the most happiest people in the world, where they could make real true friends that are like for a lifetime. So I just read further into the site and what they also held at the camp and then later on through the weeks my mom suddenly asked me if I wanted to go to this camp and I said okay. I then arrived at my cabin and right when I stepped in the cabin, people were already introducing themselves and asking me to hang out with them later to get to know them and it was just what it was described, like I myself have never had many friends and got so used to rejection, hate, and judgement but this was the exact opposite and I have never been happier then when I took my first steps into cabin 7. This camp really was a place where you got to be yourself and the fact you can trust like almost every single person at this camp without insecurity and being vulnerable was amazing too. What I love about the camp was not only making friends and doing the fun stuff with them, it also got me more into having a relationship with God and I cannot call this just a camp, but a home away from home because of how fun and how genuine the whole camp and the people are. And now I'm 18 years old, I'm sad that this is the end of the line for me going here but just coming I think coming here was just touching and almost unreal and I could not thank the counselors or the staff and Jeff enough for just making this the best place on earth.

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Dec. 29-Jan. 1

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