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Each week at the Swamp is so unique in its own way. It really is never the same even though the same events are run every week. I got the chance to be in Boys 8 this week and my cabin is amazing. Since we are the oldest guys at camp we have the chance to set the tone for everyone and right off the bat we just starting acting super goofy in front of everyone. Because of how we have been acting we have inspired the other campers to come out of them self at a very early time in the week. This really gives people a chance to form better relationships with one another making the week one that they will always remember. Even in our cabin on the first night we were all talking about life and getting vulnerable. It is rare that a cabin will open up that early but that is what makes our cabin special. We are led by very strong men of God, Jake and Kyle, who I look up to so much. With their example reflecting Christ I am able to have a bigger purpose this week than just my self. They have taught me we will not know the good we do till we go to heaven and that is special!

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Dec. 29-Jan. 1

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