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Where to begin! This week has been so impactful and inspiring. The theme of the summer is "Choice" and today in the older campers' Bible Class, Mr. Jeff told us about the choices Jesus made and didn't make while leading up to His death on the cross. Jeff made it clear that he wanted us to find meaning to the cross and not be numb to the crucifixion-- which can often happen with kids that have grown up in the church. It left many of us cut to the heart and I was in awe of the thousands of choices Jesus could have made, but didn't because He loved me and wanted to give me the chance to love Him back.

I have been coming to The Swamp for ten years, and this is my last week as a camper. I have soaked in as many memories, conversations, and laughs this week as it is extremely bittersweet that this week is coming to an end. I made Jesus the Lord of my life back in May and I am thrilled to be able to continue my Swamp journey as a counselor next summer and help future campers have the best weeks of their lives just like I did.

Although I have come here year after year, I always left camp with a want to change, but never the drive to do it. I trust and believe that God's timing is perfect, but I wish I didn't listen to Satan when he told me that I didn't have what it took to be a follower of Jesus. I allowed myself to fall into a deep pit of sin and Satan truly controlled my life. I saw an urgency to run towards God and devote my life to Him once I realized how real and terrifying Satan is. This week of camp has been refreshing and so needed to build my constantly growing faith and relationship with God. I definitely will not forget this week, and I'm extremely grateful for this place and the impact in continuously has on me.

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