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Liana Bell

Cory Cole

Swamp is very fun. I would like you to go to Swamp. There are contests and a lot of fun games and food. You can go in the pool and have flippers. And you can go outside and do bible class and Gaga Ball. And make a lot of friends, but the cabins are hot! There's a bunch of bugs, but you'll get used to it. There are a lot of people that take pictures of you, and there's a nurse to take care of you. You get packages from your family, there are fun things in there that you can play with. And when your cabin finds a seat you all sit there. And you could play at lunch and play dodgeball and hangout with your friends a lot. And people get to see each other. You can also go fishing and play laser tag. My favorite thing this week has been laser tag, going to the pool, and going outside and hole hooping. The counselors are very fun! AND you get to make friendship bracelets!

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Dec. 29-Jan. 1

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