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Making This Thanksgiving Memorable

Cory Cole

If the Christmas spirit makes you come alive more than any other holiday does, then you are probably really excited about this week. For some stores, Christmas decorations and things have been on display since October. For some reason, I am one of those people who are not okay with that. But Thanksgiving is definitely the threshold of the holiday spirit to me. We get just a taste of freedom from school, to see family and (my favorite part) eat some delicious, homemade food until I fall asleep. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t celebrate gluttony. But its more than the food. It’s the love and warmth that goes into preparing the meals, but also eating and sharing life with the people you care about.

But here’s the thing. We can’t be foolish this Thanksgiving. I think nowadays, it is easy to miss the point of Thanksgiving. Black Friday is a great opportunity to get some Christmas shopping done for some great deals, but every year it starts earlier and earlier. It might as well be Black Thursday at this point. But I don’t like that. That’s not how I want to make my Thanksgiving memorable, shoving through crowds of people to get to things I want to buy. As memorable as it is to get into a tug of war fight over the last flat screen TV at Target with an elderly woman (hypothetical, don’t worry, that didn’t happen), I’d much rather have some more fulfilling memories, ones that aren’t so selfish. So how can we make this Thanksgiving memorable? Here are three steps to take to ensure that!

  1. Add a new tradition to your Thanksgiving festivities. Whether it’s a family game night, preparing Thanksgiving dinner together, a photo scavenger hunt, or making music videos, find something new and exciting to do with family! One of the most special traditions of The Swamp is the Grateful Devotional. Every Friday morning of camp, everyone has the opportunity to share with the camp what they are grateful for that morning, whether it is God's beautiful creations or running water! This would be a great way to tradition to do with your family over Thanksgiving!

  2. Hear a story you’ve never heard before. Ask Cousin Nae Nae what her craziest story of the year was. Find out how your grandparents met. Learn a little bit about your family history. Take advantage of the time you have with the people are surrounded by; you never know what you may learn or what wisdom they can bring to your life!

  3. Find a way to give. Not everyone has the opportunities you may have during the holidays. Look for ways to help others have a memorable Thanksgiving, whether it is feeding the homeless or reaching out to someone who isn’t able to celebrate Thanksgiving with their loved ones. (Also a great way to fulfill #1 on this list)

I would really love to hear how you guys were able to put some of these things into practice. So send me the events or activities you come up with, and include pictures! I’d love to share them on the blog next week! Email your stories to me at ccole15@gmail.com!

Let’s make this Thanksgiving memorable, fun, and fulfilling. I think that will bring us back to being thankful and grateful for the blessings we have.

Until next week (have a happy Thanksgiving),


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