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I WAS FORCED TO EAT WATERMELON. I love swap in general but I love week seven specifically because normally there is less people so you can play swap ball, not everything is so crowded and nothing is rushed. This year however has been the best year so far because when you turn 13 you get to do everything. Some things are separated by age 11 and younger or 12 and younger but when you turn 13 you get to talk about The Gospel and anything thats heavy like that.

Not just that but the games I personally think that even if you aren't christian you can still have a great time here because of just how excepting everyone is, the games, and the activities. Plus if your questioning whether or not to become christian or a disciple camp is definitely the place to go because they will not only convince you to because one but they will go much deeper and more personal and you can just get more out of it than I think anywhere else. That's why I love camp and why I going to come back for as long as I can.

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