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I'm currently feeling very bittersweet as I write my last blog post as a camper. I've been the dish girl for the past 6 weeks, but this week I've had the privilege of being a camper. (shoutout to Mr. Jeff & Mrs. Jen). This is my 10th summer at the Swamp, and my first year as part of the full-time staff. Thinking back to my first summer here in 2008, I remember getting so excited to buy some goodwill clothes, bringing my disposable camera, and clinging to my three older siblings all week. I never knew or could've imagined how much of an impact The Swamp would have on who I am today, my deepest friendships, and my walk with God. Words can't really express the amount of love and gratitude I have for this place. This place never fails to reveal God's beauty, power, and grace so clearly and effortlessly. The devotionals, games, challenges, and classes are what make up the daily schedule of camp, but this year the thing I've grown to appreciate the most are the people. The people are what make camp a safe haven for me. The stories, laughter, and conversation are what make camp different and exciting with every new week and every new group of people. The compassion, vulnerability, and gentleness are what have shown me how Jesus meant when he declares the second greatest commandment [Matt 22:39]. I love the Swamp because it has taught me how to love freely, serve humbly, and grow in my confidence in God's goodness, graciousness, and sovereignty. This year, I'm very grateful for people: the 9 year olds who bring the fun, the older cabins who bring the spirituality and friendship, the counselors, kitchen, and teen workers who bring the service, and the staff who upholds the mission to make The Swamp the safest environment emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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