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Yesterday was a day to celebrate the most important people in the world, the people who deserve to be celebrated everyday for their love and care. Mothers.

So this blogpost is dedicated to mothers everywhere! I hope that you all felt the love and recognition you deserve. Thank you for your sacrifice and dedication to provide for your families!

Mothers also play a huge role at The Swamp! So many mothers over the years have helped The Swamp as the staff strives to make it one of the safest places on the planet. Mothers of campers have poured their hearts into serving and bettering camp, whether volunteering in the kitchen, working as a part of the medical staff, or just being willing to serve in any way they can!


Last month, mothers from all over the Southeast had the opportunity to spend the weekend with their daughters at The Swamp! The weekend was full of silly string fights, Just Dance, arts & crafts projects, and special moments for moms and their daughters. Here is what Khristy Humphries said about her time with her daughters that weekend:

"My take away from our retreat weekend was simply that - “Retreat”. I need to make it an absolute priority to take time away from the worries of this world to enjoy each day with my girls. I need to give up the falsehood of “control” and know I cannot create the “perfect plan” of life for my girls. For me to understand my role: teaching them about God while they are young and then letting God take it from there. I need to enjoy our times of play and laughter, understanding they are precious and God’s plan is perfect. My favorite part of being here is the ability to focus on having fun and letting my girls choose the activities for us to do together."

...Khristy with her daughters, Neva and Naomi!

Like I said before, mothers deserve so much more than one day to celebrate their passion, care and love. But I just wanted to take this time to reflect on why my beautiful mother is so important to me.

...My mother and I, in my prime
Though I don't express it everyday to my mom, I love her to the moon and back. She has to me so much about how to love others and how to love God. She has taught me the importance of being responsible for myself. She has set such an amazing example for my siblings and I. So shout out to you, Mom. Thanks for loving me!

Swamp Blog readers, we are just weeks away from Week 1 of summer camp at The Swamp! Mothers (and fathers!), as you prepare for your children's week at camp, take a careful look over what to bring and what to pack for the week! There are openings for a couple weeks this summer, register your child here if they haven't yet!

Until next week,


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