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Nandi Traywick - First Time Counselor

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Hi I'm Nandi! I'm a first time counselor and this is my first time at The Swamp! This week has been so much fun, from spending time with my co-counselors, to doing hoola hooping challenges with my campers, I have had an incredible time. My favorite part was teaching the middle girls bible class on Tuesday where I got to talk about "The Choice of Friendships". The girls really impressed me with their answers to the questions I asked them, and they were all engaged which made the class a lot of fun for me. It's also been fun getting to know my campers better and watching them build relationships with each other. I'm very grateful to get to spend time with such amazing campers and an amazing staff. At this point it's safe to say that all of the incredible things I've heard about The Swamp are true! I've learned so much in the short time that I have been here, and I am definitely looking forward to coming back next summer!

(Nandi: Right)

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Dec. 29-Jan. 1

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