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Hey y'all! Here I am on the last day of camp for the summer, it's second freetime and my heart is full of emotion. The last time I wrote a blogpost during the summer was four years ago, my first year as a part of the fulltime staff. Here we are now and I've spent 5 summers here fulltime. Words can't describe this place. Growing up here, I have countless memories of this place. One thought of The Swamp and my heart is filled with endless different emotions. And now, after spending this summer here, my heart remains full of gratitude for this glimpse of heaven that we get to be a part of. The Swamp is where I see God's kingdom the most. The inviting culture that God creates here is loving and accepting of who people are and where they are in life. There are no limits to who is impacted here. I love this place dearly and it saddens my heart that this is my last summer spent here fulltime. To all the kids who passed through this summer: thank you for who you are! Thank you for having fun, creating friendships, being yourself and seeing God. To the parents: thank you for your children! They make camp what it is and we love them.

I am grateful to God for all He has done this summer. For how He has shown His love, taken care of us, laughed with us, danced with us and worked through us. May we never forget God's love.

  • Jesse McKay

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